Zip lining in the Great Smoky Mountains has become one of the most popular visitor activities. This popularity has inspired a rapid increase in zip lining companies in the area. There are over a dozen zip line companies in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains and while some are excellent some are not so good. We have visited all the zip line companies in the area and have ranked those we believe to be the best. To calculate our rating scores we used a ranking system that can be viewed by clicking on the link: "About Smoky Mountain Adventure Reviews".

How does it helps?

When deciding on a zip line course it is important for you to consider the total zip line length of the course. This site will give you an idea of the true size of the course. The number of zip lines or the length of time it takes to complete a course are not good indications of the value as a lot of lines may mean the lines are all short and a long time to complete the course may mean lots of hiking between each zip line or large tours with long lines between each zip line. In our analysis we show total line lengths of each zip line course, the cost of the course, and the actual cost per linear foot of the course. The lower the cost per linear foot equates to the higher value. This however should not be your only consideration, you should also consider safety standards, views and scenery, cleanliness and other amenities offered at the park. We hope you find these reviews helpful.