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Adventure Park Zip Line Review

The longest line is almost 1600 feet, which makes it one of the longest lines in Pigeon Forge. The views are fair as you look over the shopping center with the Smoky Mountains in the background. The gear was standard and they require riders to wear gloves and brake themselves. Because the trollies do not have handles it makes it difficult to keep yourself from twisting in the wind and stay facing forward, which the guides insist on. We found this a fair value at $69.95 after a $10.00 discount, however we did not like the traffic noise as we zipped  to a tower overlooking the busy parkway less than 100 feet away.

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Line Length For Adventure Park Zip Line Course
Line# Length
Line 1 453 ft.
Line 2 263 ft.
Line 3 824 ft.
Line 4 1300 ft.
Line 5 1575 ft.
Line 6 1158 ft.
Line 7 260 ft..