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Legacy Mountain Zip Line Review

If long lines and great views is what you are looking for then you should consider the 7-line course at Legacy Mountain. It's longest line, 2075 feet, is over 300 feet high and has some fantastic views. We found this course lacking in that riders had to brake themselves with gloves on the lines and the trollies had no handles which made it difficult to keep from spinning around backward and braking. It is not for the first-time zippers, or people who are not prepared for strenuous hikes between zip lines. The views are great. However they do over look a commercial cabin development that is also part of Legacy Mountain. We found the guides were not as professionally trained or as safety conscious as the other zip line companies we reviewed. The guides admitted that the advertising for the place is not accurate. Their brochure says they have a 425 foot high zip line. Their guide admitted it was closer to 390 feet.

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General Park Information

Line Length For 7-Line Course
Line# Length
Line 1 95 ft.
Line 2 1279 ft.
Line 3 1763 ft.
Line 4 1621 ft.
Line 5 1338 ft.
Line 6 2075 ft.
Line 7 1850 ft.