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6-Line Review

This is a very nice course of average length lines. The views are very good but not in the top three as far as scenery goes. There is a lot of uphill hiking between each line which makes it one of the most strenuous zip line courses in the area. The guides were professional, safety minded, and knowledgable. The course is well constructed with solid well-made platforms. Riders must wear braking gloves and be prepared to stop themselves.

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Foxfire Mountain Adventures

General Park Information

Line Length For 6-line course
Line # & Trail # Length
Line 1 665 ft.
Hiking Trail 1 225 ft.
Line 2 675 ft.
Hiking Trail 2 235 ft.
Line 3 840 ft.
Hiking Trail 3 400 ft.
Line 4 405 ft.
Hiking Trail 4 165 ft.
Line 5 825 ft.
Line 6 1060 ft.